The Letters From Tokyo – Contradictions

Contradictions, this is the state of Japan at the moment. Lately, we have a relatively small amount of new infections in Tokyo, but other prefectures aren't so lucky. While I was busy with my work, Okinawa and Aichi Ken declared the state of emergency, but haven't been excluded from Go To Campaign. On the other … Continue reading The Letters From Tokyo – Contradictions

How to make Nukazuke: Rice bran pickles

Nukazuke rice bran

The rainy season is finally over. The weather changed, and suddenly it became very hot. Throughout the Japanese summer, there is nothing more enjoyable than some refreshing Nukazuke pickles. Have you ever heard about it, if not, let's learn how to make it at home! Today, we are going to continue our series about The … Continue reading How to make Nukazuke: Rice bran pickles